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After collecting rock albums, books and rock magazines for over forty years it's about time to open up the archives and put some of my favorite music on the big net. The music here is intended for review purposes only and is not a substitute for the original record company product. Please contact us directly regarding the removal of any potentially infringing material. READERS: Please use us as a buyer's guide and support the artists.

The art of improvisation (VI)

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, September 24, 2020 00:53:13

A beautiful song from a classic UK band: Traffic. It reminds me a lot of the Grateful Dead jam music. This video is from a reformed TRAFFIC (1994), unfortunately without Chris Wood. The late great Jim Capaldi wears a beautiful Grateful Dead T-shirt and Steve Winwood is in top-form.

No more idols (IX)

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, September 17, 2020 23:46:53

Who needs a music contest where they redo classic songs again and again while there are so much original singers/songs on the web? I never heard of ‘throat’ singing… But listen to this. A father and daughter playing and having fun together with original music.

Change of Season (VII)

Music Posted on Sun, September 13, 2020 23:26:00

2020, such a strange year. Halfway september and it’s tropical warm. In the summer we had the longest tropical period too but people had to stay mostly indoors because of mrs. Co Rona. And soon the leaves will slowly turn red and the days will be a lot shorter. Autumn is almost here…

Blows against the empire (2)

Music Posted on Sat, September 12, 2020 23:55:33

Jefferson Starship – Roswell UFO Festival 2009, Tales from the mothership

And now the story continues… I recently bought the Jefferson Starship album – Roswell UFO Festival 2009, subtitled Tales from the mothership volume 2.
2016 UK limited edition 16-track double LP issued exclusively for Record Store Day pressed on Black & white Vinyl
It was a cheap buy, €13,- for a double album with coloured vinyl in a limited edition version. Side 0ne has most songs of the side 2 of the original 1970 release. I’m  very interested in the ‘Dark Star’ and ‘Your Mind has left your body’ versions, originally Grateful Dead songs. also two covers of a Pink Floyd and a David Bowie song, and some Jefferson Airplane classic songs makes this album an interesting buy.

Recorded live July 3, 2009. This album corresponds to disc three of the 4CD set with similar name that was released in 2010 and contains the entire (electric) set two of the show.
Median price: €10.59 (on Discogs, sept. 2020).
OK, that’s all for the Volume 2 release. But wouldn’t it be nice to get a copy of Volume 1 also…?

So a week later a parcel was delivered with Volume 1. Same cheap price, Lim. Edition in coloured vinyl too. Disc 1 is black, Disc 2 is white. Now the trilogy is complete. This album corresponds to disc two of the 4CD set with similar name that was released in 2010 and contains the entire (acoustic) set one of the show. It also has two Grateful Dead songs played by former Grateful Dead pianist Tom Constanten: Mountains of the Moon and Me and My Uncle. Plus a great version of ‘Wooden Ships’.
From the original line-up only paul Kantner and David Freiberg are present again.
Median price for this album is  € 11,20 at Discogs at the time of writing (2020)

The CD version has also CD1 that contains recordings taken from the rehearsals and CD4 is from the soundcheck (Three versions of Space Oddity there). The vinyl Volume One and Two is the actual live concert.

Text from the press release:
“Roswell UFO Parade & Festival Hosts Jefferson Starship Sci-Fi Extravaganza” read the headlines for the annual July 3rd event that took place in Roswell, New Mexico in 2009. Jefferson Airplane founder Paul Kantner and his legendary band Jefferson Starship and special guests, which included original Grateful Dead keyboardist Tom Constanten, performed a one-of-a-kind sci-fi concert at Pearson Auditorium in Roswell in honor of the town’s famed annual parade. The group was also bestowed the honor of being the parade’s ‘Grand Martians’ that year and rode atop a special float especially built for them. The entire concert was filmed and recorded,
a special programme of science fiction themed compositions and select recordings were performed, some for the first time ever! Now, much to the excitement of Jefferson Starship fans across the globe

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is inlay1.jpg

In 1991 the late great rock impresario Bill Graham signed on to produce Blows from a ‘scripted stage play concept’ co-written bu Paul Kantner and his new manager Michael Gaiman, a lifelong fan. Sadly, Bill was killed in a helicopter crash and the idea was shelved until Sony Pictures pitched an ‘option’ for a Blows motion picture in 1996.

Along with Paul Kantner and David Freiberg, Jefferson Starship also features lead singer Cathy Richardson (who played Janis Joplin on Broadway in Love, Janis) and longtime band members Slick Aguilar, Chris Smith and Donny Baldwin. In addition to Grateful Dead’s Tom Constanten, special guests include Pete Sears (the band’s former bass & keyboard player on all their hits), Barry Sless (guitar & pedal steel with Phil Lesh & Friends), former lead vocalist Darby Gould and legendary folk artist Jack Taylor, one of Paul Kantner’s early musical influences.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is inlay2.jpg

Housed in a sealed & stickered gatefold picture sleeve LETV420LP).

Legend has it that on July 3, 1947, a mysterious object crashed on a ranch in the New Mexico desert, about 30 miles north of Roswell. The Roswell Army Air Field at first issued a press release claiming to have recovered a “flying disk,” with the Roswell Daily Record running a famous front page story reporting this the next day. But the RAAF then retracted the statement and said the object was merely a crashed weather balloon Roswell, we learn, was also home to Uncle Sam’s 509th Bomb Group, the first and only atomic strike force in the world at the time. It therefore makes perfect sense that extraterrestrial visitors trying to size up humanity might take a keen interest in the area..

Soon to come…
part 3 – video of unwrapping and first listening of the Volume 2 record…

Blows against the empire (1)

Music Posted on Fri, September 11, 2020 22:54:18

Going back in time… Early seventies, former century (November 1970) Everything is nice with this album. The title is epic, the cover, both outside and inside is beautiful, The music, big and simple, very divers. The lyrics ànd the


musicians. Jack Casady’s bass and Grace Slicks’piano are the backbone but Jerry Garcia’s inspired (steel)guitar plying is so uplifting.

The cover featured a piece of Russian folk art from a painted lacquer box, attributed to CCCP (U.S.S.R. in Russian).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is starship_inner.jpg

The inner dust jacket was decorated with collages of musician photos, writings and doodles. Original pressings included a full-color booklet as well, with lyrics, poetry and drawings mostly done by Slick during the recording sessions and collected daily by Kantner.

It started as a Paul Kantner solo project but it evolved into a real ‘Jefferson’ album. A lot of guest-musicians, most from the bay area. And the sessions led directly to Crosby’s solo masterpiece, If Only I Could Remember My Name, which features many of the same players and was recorded around the same time. But as Davids Crosby first solo album is (now) graded as a masterwork, this album is still mostly overlooked and underrated. Blows Against The Empire didn’t contain a hit single, and so the album has faded from memory over the years. One of the most overlooked records of it’s time.

Based on the works of science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein, particularly the novel Methuselah’s Children. Kantner went so far as to write to Heinlein to obtain permission to use his ideas. Heinlein wrote back that over the years many people had used his ideas, but Paul was the first one to ask for permission, which he granted. The first rock album to be nominated for Sci-Fi’s prestigious Hugo Award ( 2 ever be nominated). Paul Kantner and Jefferson Starship. It is also the first album to use the “Starship” moniker.

As usual the music critics were divided over this album. Reviewing in Christgau’s Record Guide: Rock Albums of the Seventies (1981), Robert Christgau found Kantner’s singing and melodies “murky” while believing, “for all the record’s sci-fi pretensions (does Philip K. Dick actually like this stuff?) it never even gets off the ground.” He graded it a C-plus.
It was voted number 850 in the third edition of Colin Larkin’s All Time Top 1000 Albums (2000).
In The Rolling Stone Album Guide (2004), Paul Evans said while its experimental quality may have impressed in 1970, the album “now suffers from concept-album creakiness”.
William Ruhlmann was more enthusiastic, giving it four out of five stars in his review for AllMusic. “Kantner employed often dense instrumentation and complex arrangements”, he wrote, “but there were enough hooks and harmonies to keep things interesting.”

I remember listening to it on the old record player, age fifteen or sixteen. Cover in the hands and headphones on the ears and the mind wonders off on an epic imaginairy space travel… Blows Against the Empire: a pot-fueled trip through the galaxy, With a stolen spaceship, visiting a place where babies grow in trees…

Here’s the label info of the two versions i have on vinyl. First the version which has title and artist at the bottom of the front cover:

Paul Kantner / Jefferson Starship – Blows Against The Empire

Label: RCA Victor ‎– LSP-4448
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Indianapolis Pressing, Gatefold
Country: US
Released: 1970

Matrix / Runout (Side 1 Label): ZPRS-9053
Matrix / Runout (Side 2 Label): ZPRS-9054
Matrix / Runout (Side 1 Runout Stamped): ZPRS 9053 12S ArtisianⅠ A1
Matrix / Runout (Side 2 Runout Etched ): ZPRS-9054-5S
Matrix / Runout (Side 2 Runout Stamped): Artisian[Logo] Ⅰ A2

Discogs Price indication (sept. 2020)
Lowest: €0.74
Median: €2.52
Highest: €16.80

Pressing variation RCA Records Pressing Plant, Indianapolis

1st Pressings have 110/130 grams vinyl, not Dyna Flex. Released with gatefold jacket, Included Inner artwork imagery sleeve and 8 page Lyrics and illustrated booklet.
Mastering info from stamped “circle w/ 2 drumsticks” symbol (the mastering stamper for Artisan) in runout on side 2.

Includes white/black printed inner sleeve and 8-page colored booklet with lyrics and artwork.
Only 1970 versions of this release have this booklet with colored artwork..
Cover has title and artist at the bottom of the front.
Later reissues have title and artist at the top of the front cover.
Catalog number only on the spine of the cover and center labels.

And my second version (reissue) which has title and artist at the top of the front cover:

Paul Kantner / Jefferson Starship – Blows Against The Empire

Label: RCA – LSP-4448, RCA Victor – LSP-4448
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue
Country: US
Released:  1976

Matrix / Runout: Side 1: ZPRS 9053 37S
Matrix / Runout: Side 2: ZPRS 9054 39

Tan label background, estimated release date 1976.
There is a small “RE” on bottom left of front cover, Cover (Gatefold) design is arranged different and has “Title/Artist” name on top of cover unlike 1st pressing: Blows Against The Empire
Includes the inner artwork sleeve and the 8 page lyrics illustrated booklet, the last page has the # LSP-4448 RE.
This vinyl pressing is made with Dyna-Flex vinyl, although not explicitly stated on the label
As it has the old LSP-4448 number, it seems to be a transition reissue before the label reintroduced the black label with the dog and the new AFL1-4448 number, which dates starting from 1976.

Discogs Price indication (sept. 2020)
Lowest: €1.26
Median: €2.10
Highest: €10.08


A1 Mau Mau (Amerikon) (Paul Kantner/Grace Slick/Joey Covington) (6:35)
a heavy bass driven song to begin the album. Lots of ernergy and the famous sentence: ‘my only office is the park’  and ‘we come to stay!’

Drums – Joey Covington
Guitar [Lead] – Peter Kaukonen

A2     The Baby Tree  (Rosalie Sorrells) (1:42)
a beautiful banjo intro with strange lyrics that could have been written in this Corona era. ‘you gotta watch out if you sneeze’

A3     Let’s Go Together (Paul Kantner) (4:11)
again a very different song from the former. This is epic. ‘Wave goodbye to America, say hello to the garden’ Again a strong bass with beautiful piano playing and vocals of Grace Slick.

Banjo – Jerry Garcia
Drums – Bill Kreutzmann

A4   A Child Is Coming  (Paul Kantner/Grace Slick/David Crosby) (6:15)
after the intensity of ‘Lets go together’ this ‘feel good’ song closes side one and brings you back to earth. the break midway in the song is beautiful. The song ends with (again) beautiful bass playing by Jack Casady.

Bass – Jack Casady
Guitar, Vocals – David Crosby

B1     Sunrise  (Grace Slick) (1:54)
a beautiful beginning of side 2. The beauty of a sunrise translated into music.

Bass – Jack Casady

B2  Hijack (Paul Kantner/Grace Slick/Marty Balin/Gary Blackman) (8:18)
after the short intro of Sunrise the journey takes off with ‘Hijack’. a piano driven star ship trip, room for 7000 people, searching for Free minds Free bodies Free dope and Free music. You gotta ride said the doctor of space… Hijack the starship

Congas – Graham Nash, Joey Covington

B3     Home     (Paul Kantner/Phil Sawyer/Graham Nash) (0:37)  

B4  Have You Seen The Stars Tonite (Paul Kantner/David Crosby) (3:42)
this song takes you on the journey. Dream away !  beautiful steel-guitar by Jerry Garcia.

Guitar – David Crosby 
Percussion – Mickey Hart 
Steel Guitar [Pedal] – Jerry Garcia

B5   X M   (Paul Kantner/Phil Sawyer/Jerry Garcia/Mickey Hart) (1:22) 

B6  Starship  (Paul Kantner/Grace Slick/Marty Balin/Gary Blackman) (7:07)
and the journey continues. Immaculate intro by Captain Trips on guitar and Harvey Brooks on the bass. Best song of the album !

Bass – Harvey Brooks
Guitar – Jerry Garcia
Vocals – David Crosby, David Freiberg, Graham Nash

Soon to come: part 2

... And now the story continues…

Jefferson Starship – Roswell UFO Festival 2009, Tales from the mothership

About broken dreams and vanished years

Music Posted on Sat, August 08, 2020 23:26:49

American rock magazine ‘Rolling Stone’ has covered the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia many times. In the late-sixties and early-seventies the reviews and critics were mostly very positive.
Mid-seventies to the end of the eighties this changed in mostly negative articles for as much as i can remember. Here’s a link to a post with record reviews from these days I collected and posted long time ago (1992). So old it’s a little out of date…
The wave changed again and now the Dead is considered in most magazines and books as the ultimate american rock band.
The article that featured this august in the Rolling Stone magazine is about the fifty most beautiful Jerry Garcia songs. It’s a very nice read and listening experience and reading the Stella Blue notes, it explains now why it took me four to five years before this dutch deadhead learned to love these two Robert Hunter/Jerry Garcia songs featured here.
It took Jerry Garcia too a few hard years with many up’s and down’s before he could understand, sing and play these songs like he did here. (see the liner notes below of the Stella Blue Song).
In the article Rolling Stone puts “Uncle John’s Band’ at first place and ‘Dark Star second place. No, I will not argue about the list order, i’m just very happy that with all these beautiful songs ‘Stella Blue’ and ‘China Doll’ have found their place in this list.

Enjoy the music ! (warning: give it some time, these songs must really grow on you. It took me four years ha ha).

From the Rolling Stone article:

Jerry Garcia’s 50 Greatest Songs

From country-rock gems to exploratory jams, from Grateful Dead classics to solo high-points, here’s the ultimate guide to an epic musical life (aug 5, 2020)

By David Browne & Corinne Cummings & Kory Grow & Will Hermes&David Marchese & Bob Sheffield & Douglas Wolk

23 “China Doll,” ‘From the Mars Hotel’ 1974

Hunter originally titled this ballad “The Suicide Song” following a friend’s attempt at taking his own life. But even after it was renamed “China Doll,” Garcia still felt haunted. Accompanied by a harpsichord, Garcia’s guitar creeps in just behind the beat, and he sings as if he’s sighing from another realm. The result is one of his most gripping vocal performances. As Hunter said, “The song is eerie and very, very beautiful the way Jerry handles it.” A later, live acoustic version on Reckoning showed how Garcia could enhance the dark power of “China Doll” by stripping it down even further.

12 “Stella Blue,” ‘Wake of the Flood’ (1973)

When Garcia first recorded this come-down ballad, he admitted that it was his magisterial melody that appealed to him. “I was so proud of it as a composer — ‘Hey, this is a slick song!’” he recalled. Only later in life, after his own ups and downs, did Garcia fully connect with Hunter’s lyrics about “broken dreams and vanished years,” written in New York City’s Chelsea Hotel in 1970. “That’s a good example of a song I sang before I understood it,” Garcia said. “It has a sort of brittle pathos in it that I didn’t get until I’d been singing it for a while.” Live, the Dead sometimes played so slowly it seemed to stop time.

Spiritual Jazz

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, August 06, 2020 23:30:20

Louis Armstrong plays to his wife, Lucille, in front of the Great Sphinx and pyramids in Giza, Egypt, 1961.
The Armstrongs were on a U.S. State Department-sponsored Goodwill Tour of Africa and the Middle East.
Photo: Associated Press

Wondering what song he’s playing for his wife? I bet it’s his version of the beautiful Pharoah Sanders song “The Creator has a Masterplan”

All my happiness is gone

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, July 23, 2020 23:29:44

A good Facebook friend (thanks CJ) got me listening to this song. At first hearing i was surprised by the intro (2 min.), by the outro, and by the pleasant bass-guitar line. I gave a ‘thumbs-up’. But the lyrics kept playing in my head and i had to listen again, again, and again. This is such an intriguing song. It has a pleasant melody but the words are haunting.

“All my happiness is gone It’s all gone somewhere beyond All my happiness is gone”.

I changed my Facebook ‘thumbs-up’ to a ‘Wonderful’ because the song has so much layers. It’s disturbing, pleasant, sad, melancholy, it’s a suicide note. Each note aches with sorrow and resolve and i kept listening over and over.

Reading the YouTube comments i found out that Dave Berman ended his life shortly after finishing this album. This beautiful album ‘Purple Mountains’ was released on July 12, 2019. Nearly five weeks after the album’s release the poet, just 52 years, was found dead at his appartment.

The words and music will always be there!

Friends are warmer than gold when you’re old
And keeping them is harder than you might suppose
Lately, I tend to make strangers wherever I go
Some of them were once people I was happy to know

Mounting mileage on the dash
Double darkness falling fast
I keep stressing, pressing on
Way deep down at some substratum
Feels like something really wrong has happened
And I confess I’m barely hanging on

All my happiness is gone
All my happiness is gone
It’s all gone somewhere beyond
All my happiness is gone

Ten thousand afternoons ago
All my happiness just overflowed
That was life at first and goal to go
Me and you, and us and them
And all those people way back when
All our hardships were just yardsticks then, you know
You know

It’s not the purple hills
It’s not the silver lakes
It’s not the snowcloud shadowed interstates
It’s not the icy bike chain rain of Portland, Oregon
Where nothing’s wrong and no one’s asking
But the fear’s so strong it leaves you gasping
No way to last out here like this for long

‘Cause everywhere I go, I know
Everywhere I go,

I know All my happiness is gone
All my happiness is gone
It’s all gone somewhere beyond
All my happiness is gone

12 x Double

Music Posted on Thu, July 09, 2020 00:32:21

I was planning to do a list of my favorite ten double albums but i could list a favorite top 20 without any trouble. Anyway, result is a top 12 of my favorite double albums in no particular order. Except for #1 off course!!

1.) Grateful Dead – Live / Dead
This album started it all in the late sixties/early seventees. The essence of the Grateful Dead Jam band. It doesn’t make any difference if I focus on the guitar, or the bass, or the drums… This band is so together !

2.) Marvin Gaye got divorced and wrote a whole album about that painful experience. “Sparrow, FLY”

3.) Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson – It’s Your World
Gil is the Father of RAP and a great poet. Brian puts down a great mixture of Funk, Jazz and Rock !

4.) Allman Brothers Band – Live at the Fillmore East
The founders of the ‘Southern Music’. Greg and Duane Allman, Dickey Betts, double drums and long songs, magnificent!
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

5.) Harmonium – l’ Heptade
A Canadian band singing in French. This is a symphonic album of their songs. My first encounter with the band was the album ‘Cinq Saisons’ Great original music.

6.) Wishbone Ash – Live Dates
Oooh, these twin guitars ! I had the privilege to watch the band performing this album live some 40 years later and it still impresses me!

7.) Derek & the Dominoos – Layla and other assorted Love Songs
Radio DJ’s had a habit of killing this song when the piano part began. Grrrhhh this made me so mad! Such a beautiful song has to be played from beginning to end.

8.) James Brown – The Payback
‘Mind Power’ Funk op zijn best. Met brothers Fred Wesley en Maceo Parker… WoW, Good Lord, Make it Funky !

9.) Gong – Live etc.
In the early days of Internet i got an angry mail of Steve Hillage because i had published a dutch concert review which was somehow critic of a concert. Not this album though, flying pixiess all around !

10.) Al Green – Tokyo … Live !
How much ‘Soul’ do you want? Reverend Al Green will give it to you. What a voice and what a feeling !

11.) The Smiths – Louder than Bombs
I used to get on my bicycle to bike to the nearest music shop (15 km) to get the latest 12″ of the Smiths. I couldn’t miss the singles because of the art-work. At home i put the record player on repeat and listen the whole day to the same song

12.) Isley Brothers – Live
The tribute to Jimi Hendrix alone is worth the buy of this album. But it has so more beautiful songs on it. Like this one of Carole King.

A good reserve: Airto and Friends

Moondog & The London Saxophonic

Music, Uncategorised Posted on Wed, April 29, 2020 23:36:20

“The Viking of 6th Avenue”

Nummer: Arctic Ocean (Bird’s Lament)

Album: Oceans

Ooit een onderwerp op mijn muziekblog: een top 3 met minimale muziek.

Als ik toen deze song van Moondog had ontdekt dan was tie zeker vermeld. Origineel komt uit 1969. Het gaat nergens over… Een paar akkoorden en steeds hetzelfde thema. En dan 26+ minuten lang. Veel mensen worden er hoorndol van, ik kan er wel een uur lang met plezier naar luisteren. Zo’n beetje het zelfde als een hond die lekker op zijn eigen plekje ligt en daar zonder zorgen een dagdeel kan blijven liggen. Moondog forever !

Change of Season (VI)

Music, Uncategorised Posted on Sat, September 21, 2019 23:06:38

My favorite change of season; from summer to autumn. The season with the most beautiful colors.

And a song that got a grip on me and reflect the feeling of the change of season is a song by Emmett Tinley called: Don’Let Go

Professor Dr. Holger Czukay

Music Posted on Fri, August 30, 2019 23:56:15

“I hold professor dr. Holger Czukay personal responsible for expanding my mind at a very young age… “

This was a comment i wrote to a YouTube clip of Holger Czukay’s “Boatwoman song”. It’s a song from 1969 of Holger Czukay, bass player and sound explorer of the german band CAN. I have never succeeded in convincing my friends of the beauty of Can’s music. But remember, it’s in the end of the sixties and this crazy professor mixed short wave radio fragments with (very) experimental music. The song listed below is called “Persian Love” and is also a prime example of Czukay’s talent of mixing radio waves into songs. It’s from his first solo album after the group CAN broke up. Unfortunately Holger and drummer Jaki Liebezeit have passed away but this music will last forever !

Another Car-radio moment (4)

Music Posted on Fri, April 19, 2019 20:04:52

Holly Miranda – Waves (Live, acoustic)

Even better than the official release, this acoustic version with just guitar, violin and voice. No matter what i am doing… if this song comes up i gonna sit down and listen to the music. Marques Toliver on violin.

Car-radio moment (3)

Music Posted on Mon, March 18, 2019 20:18:47

Ok, this time it did NOT happen in the car while driving but sitting at the desk at home. The radio was on and they played this old song because it is featured in a new TV series (Umbrella Academy?). First i was intrigued by the voice. It reminded me of Amy Winehouse and Billy Holliday but with a true own timbre. Then the simple but beautiful melody of the song got a hold on me. Nothing left to do but listen, listen, and listen… and when the song ended i had to do a search on the YouTube. The composer of the song is surprisingly from an old hippie musician i know from the records from the Flower Power era. Dino Valente. Check out another gem of him: “Gone Again” by the group Quicksliver Messenger Service. The lady singing the song, and playing the guitar is Karen Dalton. She live a short and tragic life. Joni Mitchell was inspired off Karen’s music and she was friends and played with Fred Neil and Tim Hardin. This simple song is from the early seventies so no flashy video’s, just the music and a lot of goosebumps! If anyone is wondering who playing the incredible violin part on this (at the end), its Bobby Notkoff who did a lot of studio work on the east coast in the ’70s.

Glastonbury Fayre

Music Posted on Fri, November 16, 2018 19:16:28

In the early seventies of the former century i bought a triple vinyl album called “Glastonbury Fayre”. I don’t remember where i bought it and what the price was. I do remember i bought it coz it had my all-time favorite Grateful Dead’s “Dark Star” on side one. The full version of 24 minutes long… This album became the base for listening and collecting other albums by the UK artists on this record. The recordings of most of the acts on this album are actually live recordings made during the 1971 festival but not all… This was the second year of the festival, and the first incarnation of the Pyramid stage. The album was originally made to compensate the costs of the Glastonbury Festival and costed only 3 british pounds, only 5000 copies (!) Price now is much more for both the original release as for the reissue too. There was no monetary profit – it was free. Glastonbury Fayre was held at Worthy Farm, Pilton, near Shepton Mallet, Somerset, from Sunday June 20 to Thursday June 24, encompassing Midsummers Day. It was a fair in the medieval tradition, embodying the legends of the area, with music, dance, poetry, theatre, lights and the opportunity for spontaneous entertainments.

Unfortanately through the years i’ve lost the cover and the several inserts. I used the cover as a poster in my bedroom. It has a giant, blurred picture of a pyramid. In those days i was a dutch DeadHead, a fanatic fan of The Grateful Dead.
I remember there were only two more in the netherlands so i did most of the correspondence and trading of the audio concert tapes (with slow mail!) with English and American Deadheads. What a coincidence when i bought the re-issue of this album on the dutch side Marktplaats and the seller knew me from the old days. He was one of the two dutch deadheads and i even had visit him once in the eighties to talk about the music of the Grateful Dead. I’ve received the reissue this week and i’m thrilled. This is a fascinating album. Not only because it is a chronicle of the first of the famous Glastonbury festivals, but alsof or the music and the cover art. a DVD of Glastonbury Fayre — The Movie, Peter Neal‘s 87-minute, rarely shown documentary of the 1971 festival was also released.

Good quality vinyl, even a bit heavier, good sound quality, and all the extra inserts are included! First song to play on the record player is not Dark Star however, but the Out Demons Out of the Edgar Broughton Band. Other gems are the other long and trippy songs of Mighty Baby and Gong but all songs are quit interesting.

The Music:

Grateful Dead – Dark Star recorded at Empire Pool, Wembley

Gong – Glad Stoned Buried…The song is getting in the groove when a power fall-out occurs. Daevid Allen explains that the whole set consists of one long song but the music after the fall-out seems much more improvised.

Edgar Broughton Band – Out Demons Out I don’t know if the Broughtons are trying to play against the weather or are they singing against the elite because this was a heck of an anarchistic band !

Mighty Baby – A blanket in my muesli Beautiful english psychedelia

Pete Townshend – Classified This song was later released as a B-Side of a single, recorded at Pete Townshend’s home

LP 1: Side 1;

  • Dark Star – Grateful Dead

LP 1: Side 2;

  • Love Song – Brinsley Schwarz
  • A Blanket In My Muesli – Mighty Baby

LP 2: Side 1;

  • Sunken Rags – Marc Bolan
  • Classified – Pete Townshend
  • Supermen – David Bowie
  • Silver Machine And Welcome – Hawkwind
  • Sun Music – Skin Alley

LP 2: Side 2;

  • Glad Stoned Buried Fielding Flash And Fresh Fest Footprints In My Memory – Gong

LP 3: Side 1;

  • Do It – Pink Fairies
  • Uncle Harry’s Last Freak Out – Pink Fairies

LP 3: Side 2;

  • Out Demons Out – Edgar Broughton Band

Various – Glastonbury Fayre Festival


Akarma ‎– AK 367/3


3 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Reissue





Barcode: 8 026575 367111

Comes in an amazing 4fold 63,5 x 94,5 cm cardboard poster-cover with all original material as replicas included:

1) superb 32 page illustrated booklet;

2) fold-out cut-out silver pyramid insert;

3) fold-out cut-out geodesic dome insert;

4) fold-out track listing insert;

5) poster with photos.

All housed in a custom printed pvc outer sleeve.

De Taalstaat

Music Posted on Sat, June 02, 2018 22:18:53

Frits Spits overtreft zichzelf met het radioprogramma “De Taalstaat”. Interessante onderwerpen en veel mooie nederlandse/vlaamse liedjes zoals deze van Rob de Nijs. Pardon, wie? Ja, Rob de Nijs zingt samen met Frederique Spigt haar liedje “ik ben bij je”.

King of Africa

Music Posted on Sun, December 24, 2017 01:17:32

It is said that musical genius’ often get their recognition some 50 to 100 years after their death… This won’t do for Bob Marley. I think he got recognition during lifetime. And then there is James Brown, godfather of Funk. He’s already appreciated and loved by many but i think in time he will be even more appreciated in coming years. And then there is the King Of Africa, Fela Anikulupo Ransome Kuti…. His music is appreciated by a small group of collectors. I am convinced that 50 years from now his music will be recognised as the best music that ever came from Africa !

Hippie song (?)

Music Posted on Thu, November 16, 2017 00:31:25

In the late sixties my niece Jet introduced to some of the strangest music i never heard before. The music of Melanie, Pink Floyd and Neil Young. Melanie was an instant sing-along, Pink Floyd needed some more time but became a life-time favorite too. Neil Young was another story. I was too young to be interested in the lyrics but i found the music awesome. …just didn’t know about his voice… It took some time to appreciate it. Now, more than four decades later, i have the same experience. The music and the words of her songs hit me instantly but it took some time to get familiar with her voice. Now not a day will pass without listening to one of her beautiful songs…! oh, were we lost together you know we were sad that silence in everything from the beginning you’re here I would like to get some rest so the kids no longer have to see us fighting the world is a funny thing well I thought that this was for making love and making my beautiful babies I never thought that I’d look back and see what I didn’t have to give and just what they did not get those beautiful babies oh were we lost together you know we were side by side losing everything we were just a pair of kids oh, the stupid things we did in the madness they were calling the revolution and what a funny thing it is whatI I thought that this was for making love and making more beautiful babies I never thought that I’d look back and find how we left them at the door with their eyes so full of war wars are our family

Cover me (10)

Music Posted on Mon, October 23, 2017 23:31:51

Will Young – One World

The late John Martyn wrote so many beautiful songs but I find ‘One World’ one of his most beautiful songs. And it’s not an easy song to cover. But Will Youngs captures the atmosphere perfectly…

Change of Season (V)

Music Posted on Sun, October 08, 2017 23:20:16

When the leaves come falling down… That means my favorite season has begun; autumn. So many different colours, the wind shakes the leaves of the tree, the rain washes you clean, and the evenings become longer and longer again!

The Art of Improvisation (7)

Music Posted on Sat, September 16, 2017 23:31:08

Actually, the title should read: “The Art of Directed Improvisation”. It’s band leader John Zorn who decides and directs this band like a modern day Frank Zappa… But he does a miraculous job! Listen to the guitar of Mark Ribot. He looks like an average teacher German Language but plays the guitar like Jimi Hendrix would have played if he was still alive. The pounding drums of Joey Baron adds to the intensity if the music. Strange but beautiful percussion sounds by Cyro Baptista. Never heard such inter-active and intens band playing since the high days of the Grateful Dead.

Cover me (8)

Music Posted on Mon, July 31, 2017 23:15:43

Yet another beautiful cover version of one of my most favorite John Martyn’s songs: “I don’t wanna know”.

From darkness to light

Music Posted on Mon, April 17, 2017 00:24:37

Please use the first 5 minutes of this song as an intro to prepare a good glass of whisky or a big glass of cold beer. Maybe even make yourself a big, long spliff… Then sit back, relax, pump up the volume and let the music take control. It’s so strong it will take you from Darkness to Light !

Shawn James Live in the Nix

Music Posted on Wed, March 01, 2017 23:08:40

(under construction)

Enschede, 25 feb. 2017. Shawn has left his Shapeshifters band in the US of A and has begun an extended European Tour. This concert was recorded in the NiXenMeer Blues Club. Despite severe throat problems which made him cancel the previous two shows this was a great concert. Here’s a link to a review.
The full 90+ min. concert (unedited) is now online. You can watch it by clicking the picture below. With a big thanks to Shawn & Michelle for another great night and Mercedes for the video-recording!

No more Idols (VI)

Music Posted on Mon, January 02, 2017 22:09:58

Who needs commercial TV like Idols, Voice of Holland and other shitty PlayBack Shows while we have the real thing right here on the YouTube…

Cover me (9)

Music Posted on Mon, December 26, 2016 01:46:42

Today, on christmas day, the sad news of the passing of George Michael came through. I’ve never had that much with xmas, nor with xmas songs. But “Last Christmas” of Wham was an exception. I could listen to this record all year long. And there are so much other songs of George Michael… Here’s a cover of a beautiful song by Rufus Wainwright. Only 53 years old, Rest in Peace mr. Georgius Kyriacos Panayiotou.

The art of improvisation (V)

Music Posted on Sat, December 24, 2016 01:48:09

Ok, let’s start the song and see where it ends… It doesnt matter if you focus on the guitar, organ, bass or drums. They mix all together wonderful in this jam of Jerry Garcia’s “Don’t let go”

Cover me (8)

Music Posted on Sun, December 18, 2016 22:53:38

If you feel the music it doesn’t matter what color you are… here’s a cover of the powerful song ‘Upside Down’ (Fela Kuti) performed by Newen Afrobeat :

A trip to the moon (1902)

Music Posted on Mon, December 12, 2016 22:36:17

The first science fiction film ever made! Year of production: 1902. So it is a silent movie. I’ve taken the liberty to add the music of the german rock group CAN with the song “Future Days”.

. A Trip to the Moon (Le Voyage dans la Lune) was directed by George Méliès and inspired by Jules Verne. It could very well be that Roger Dean was inspired by this movie… Wikipedia article >>>>

Dutch ProgRock (I)

Music Posted on Thu, November 24, 2016 00:39:43

“Music makes my song” is a song from a solo album of one of hollands most influential Prog-Rock musicians: Robert Jan Stips. He made fame in the late sixties with the group Supersister, later joined Golden Earring, and is still active with the group “Nits”. Excuses for the low-fi quality i made from my LP…

Triple Cohen

Music Posted on Fri, November 11, 2016 23:20:34

It’s a sad day for music lovers. Leonard Cohen has passed away. This is the man that made me realize rock music isn’t about music alone. The words also matter. Here’s a list of the three songs i love the most.

#3 First we take Manhattan

#2 So Long Marianne

#1 Partisan

Herman van Veen remembers Leonard Cohen:
Leonard Cohen is vannacht overleden,
vertelde Edith mij bij het ontbijt.
Staarde een tijdje
naar iets op de muur,
beelden stroomden door mijn hoofd.
Een vriendelijk ernstige man
met grapjes in zijn ogen.
een borsalino,
rook van sigaretten,
half gevulde glazen, kleedkamers,
woorden, zinnen, gedichten.
Dacht aan Georges Moustaki,
zijn Franse broeder in het dichten.
Bob Dylan,
die de zwarte stad om Cohens
verlichte etage bezong.
Voelde zijn kleine hand in de mijne.
Zag me zo dikwijls staan zingen
van dat meisje dat je meeneemt
naar de rand van het water
waar je naar keek
als herinnering voor later.
Een lieve, wijze man
is heengegaan.
Moet verder
met dat droevig weten.

Herman van Veen

Change of season (IV)

Music Posted on Sun, October 02, 2016 23:49:44

When the leaves come falling down… That means my favorite season has begun; autumn. So many different colours, the wind shakes the leaves of the tree, the rain washes you clean, and the evenings become longer and longer again!

Cover me … (7)

Music Posted on Tue, September 13, 2016 22:13:33

“A friend of the devil is a friend of me” There’s no Deadhead who can’t sing along with this song. I always think of it as Bobby’s Weir ultimate cowboy song. But here he takes a step back and let’s Grace Potter do her version of the song. It’s a slowed down version, with a nice carpet…, great vocals, a driving double drum, and great grand piano, guitar and steel-guitar! And look at all those happy Deadheads sing along at 1.47 min. !

Art for Art’s Sake, Money for God’s Sake

Music Posted on Sun, August 28, 2016 23:20:00

Sometimes i buy an album or single of an artist i’ve never heard of before. It’s the album cover art that want’s me to check out the artist. And sometimes its the other way around; the music get’s to me and the cover art of the album/single is a bonus.
My first album of the Quicksilver Messenger Sevice was “Happy Trails”. It was dynamite: both the music and the cover of the album. Here’s an album i bought this week on the local eBay (Marktplaats). I already have this album but this copy will be framed and get a nice place on the wall in our living room…

Cover me… (6)

Music Posted on Sun, August 28, 2016 22:45:46

Gil Scott Heron, the founding father of rap, has a song about his drug addiction aptly titled “Home is where the hatred is”. His music is a mix of poetry, jazz, soul and rock and i recommend to check out all the albums he has made.

James Chance, the founding father of the Punk, No Wave, New Wave music scene in New York. Also know as James White and the Blacks. He once did a perfect remake of James Brown’s “King Heroin”. Here’s a cover he did of the classic Gil Scott Heron song.

l’Homme de plusieurs vies

Music Posted on Sat, August 13, 2016 23:36:51

Robert Wyatt, est l’homme de plusieurs vies, batteur flamboyant de Soft Machine, il est tiraillé entre son amour du jazz et la violence du rock. Après une phase de dépression chronique et alcoolisme, un accident le cloue sur une chaise roulante et le contraint à se réinventer.

Cover me … (5)

Music Posted on Thu, August 11, 2016 22:55:55

“It’s too late” from Carole king’s landmark album “Tapestry” has always been a favorite song of me. But when I played my brothers record “Isley Brothers Live” i was really impressed with the mix of funk, soul, great guitar and vocals. So here it is, a superlong version with tributes to Ray Charles and Jimi Hendrix included. Play it loud !!!

Nederpop (1)

Music Posted on Sun, August 07, 2016 00:11:42

… voor ik vergeet dat hier een kerk heeft gestaan, en dat Bart achter het orgel ging zitten. voor ik vergeet dat Bert en ik de trappen van de oude gracht afdaalden, op zoek naar verlichting, voor ik vergeet met wie we naar de Breizh gingen, koninginnedag, Pleun op de paal met een Kandhar spliff in zijn hand, voor ik vergeet wie toen mijn vrienden zijn geweest en ik niets meer weet van straten en examens en vacanties en ruzie op een feest in de Kashbar…

Carradio-moment (2)

Music Posted on Sat, August 06, 2016 23:48:58

Today it happened again… Driving around in the car and suddenly there is a beautiful song on the radio that you have never heard before. The rhythm gets to me, a haunting vocal and strange breaks, and I would really like to know the artists name but it’s not sure if the DJ will mention it. So i took my phone and recorded the last half minute. At home i listened back and did a Google search for ‘Truck dealer’ and ‘Wise blood’. Damn, no hits…! A further search brought me to the right video-clip. Nothing special really, in fact a little simple… Low budget, not perfectly syncd, no sharp and speedy cuts, but oh so beautiful. The music reminds me of the Beach Boys, Electric Light Orchestra, but with a very up-to-date feel.


Music Posted on Sun, June 19, 2016 01:15:27

And now for something completely different… a list of my favorite three poems:

Weet je nog (Herman van Veen/Frank Lodeizen)

Weet je nog, toen de wind, de bomen tergde

en hen de mantels, van het lichaam trok.

Dat wij samen,

de regen kletterde bij stromen,

schuilden en jij zo schrok.

Toen ik je zei, dat dit het eind was

en voorgoed onze wegen zouden scheiden,

m’n arme kind ‘t is droevig maar het moet,

beter is het heen te gaan.

Ik zweeg en jij schreide,

weet je nog, dat mijn hand de jouwe zachtjes drukte,

omdat jij spoedig zou zien dat ik niet de beste was,

en dat jij door je tranen lachte en zei; misschien…

Nu is het herfst opnieuw en ‘t regent,

maar alleen schuil ik onder het lover,

denk aan jou en ween.

Voor de verre prinses (Hans Zilver / J. Slauerhoff)

Wij komen nooit meer saam:

De wereld drong zich tusschenbeide.

Soms staan wij beiden ’s nachts aan ’t raam,

Maar andre sterren zien we in andre tijden.

Uw land is zoo ver van mijn land verwijderd:

Van licht tot verste duisternis – dat ik

Op vleuglen van verlangen rustloos reizend,

U zou begroeten met mijn stervenssnik.

Maar als het waar is dat door groote droomen

Het zwaarst verlangen over wordt gebracht

Tot op de verste ster: dan zal ik komen,

Dan zal ik komen, iedren nacht.

J. Slauerhoff (1898-1936)

Do not go gentle into that good night (John Cale / Dylan Thomas)

Do not go gentle into that good night,

Old age should burn and rave at close of day;

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,

Because their words had forked no lightning they

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,

And learn, too late, they grieved it on it’s way,

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight

Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,

Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Keep on Truckin’

Music Posted on Sun, June 05, 2016 00:49:20

I was there with my buddy Bob Mayes. After years of collecting and trading live cassette tapes (TDK’s , Chrome Maxell, Ferro Philips) this was my first ever live Dead concert… The floor of the famous RockPalast was shaking and Phil’s bass was like thunder…
We followed the band with many american Deadheads further up on the road to Berlin and London and had the time of our life ! Some obscure photo’s and a signed book of Mickey Hart were all i had from this tour but thanks to YouTube all concerts are now on-line!

the Berlin concert


Music Posted on Sun, May 22, 2016 21:44:19

This is the second year Mr. Ryan McGarvey plays the annual Ribs & Blues Festival. He gave a beautiful concert at the main stage of the Raalter Festival. As always i had a hard time getting reasonable audio quality. The tent is very big, completely packed with happy people, talking, dancing and shouting. Hope you’ll like it anyway… Please click on the image for the complete concert, filmed with a Kodak Playsport and audio-taped with a Zoom Audio recorder.

nu – man o to

Music Posted on Sat, May 07, 2016 21:55:40

Being a fan of the music of Nicolas jaar I searched the You Tube channel for some simular music and found a beautiful song of NU, titled “Man O To”. Nine minutes of pure bliss.

I like the song so much that i decided to present you the 4 hour version !

Info from the YouTube reactions:

“this lyric is from an old persian poem by Rumi. Rumi was a well known poet in the twelve hundreds know for his romantic poems. Wanting to know more we found the following translation of the poem”.

“Sitting here, you and I, the courtyard breeze is cool. Two images, two forms, one thought, you and I. The orchard-shades, the songs of birds give up the world’s secrets When we find ourselves here in this garden The stars of distant galaxies come to gaze on us You and I, together, we show them the moon You and I, without ‘you’ and ‘I’, we are absolute joy Happy, free from empty words, such are you and I All those birds of paradise, full of childish envy While in that same place, you and I, we cannot help but laugh What’s truly strange is you and I, here together, now At once here in the west and at once here in the east such we always were You and I”

The art of improvisation (6)

Music Posted on Sat, April 16, 2016 00:43:26

Tribute to JC

Music Posted on Fri, March 25, 2016 22:55:08

Yesterday one of the best soccer players of the world died of lung cancer.
Johan Cruijff was not only one of the best soccer players ever, he was also one of the best team-players… And the two combined made him legendary.

Here’s a beautiful tribute by Viggo Waas, recorded from Dutch Radio, 16/4/2016 >>>>

Cover me…. (4)

Music Posted on Sat, March 12, 2016 23:10:53

John Martyn, aaah, he has written so many beautiful songs and has such a style of his own that you wouldn’t want to do a cover of one of his songs. But Richie Havens is a master in making other people’s songs his own and he does a beautiful job with this version of “I don’t wanna know about evil”

Cover me … (3)

Music Posted on Wed, January 13, 2016 01:34:08

It’s a sad day, mid januari 2016, and the Thin White Duke passed away at 69 years old. My favourite Bowie song is “Helden”, the german version. Here’s a nice cover version of that song in a King Crimson way starring Adrian Belew and Robert Fripp.

It’s hippie time again !

Music Posted on Sat, January 02, 2016 22:54:37

Kevin Ayers was a founding member of the “Soft Machine” but left the band too soon to go solo. This song is a favorite of mine. He also did it in a french version called “Puis Je ?” The french lyrics are beneath the videoclip. Could very well be that Mike Oldfield is playing the bass in this clip.

J’etais perdu dans la rue
Fatigue et mal au cul
J’ai vu un petit cafe
Avec une fille dedans
Et je lui disais

‘Puis-je m’asseoir aupres de toi
Pour te regarder?
J’aimerais la compagnie de ton soleil

Je ne veux pas plus que ca
Non, ca n’est pas une grande histoire
Encore un beau sourire
Et apres ca je peux partir

‘Puis-je m’asseoir aupres de toi
Pour te regarder?
J’aimerais bien la compagnie de ton soleil

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The Revenant music score

Music Posted on Fri, January 01, 2016 19:06:47

Best movie of 2015 was “The Revenant” If you liked “Babel” and “Southern Comfort” than you will like this movie too…

Stockhausen started this all…

Music Posted on Sun, December 27, 2015 00:28:34

Karlheinz Stockhausen became very known for his ‘minimal music’ suits. For me it was a bit too abstract. But he influenced a lot of musicians and i like to present three long pieces of minimal, repititive, hypnotic music to you:

# 3 Philip Glass – Koyaanisqatsi A perfect match of images and music. The first in a series of three movies. # 2 Manuel Göttsching – E2 E4 From the founding member of Ashra Tempel, very hypnotic music from Germany.# 1 Simeon ten Holt – Canto ostinato This version is with four piano players and shows beautiful aerial photo’s of Karel Tomeï. Over one-and-a-half-hour of beautiful music: turn off the TV, set your phone in ‘silent mode’, make yourself comfortable, and dream away…

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