A list of the three most beautiful head phone songs from some thirty/forty years ago. Led Zep’s “Whole lotta love” is not included because this short list consists only of album tracks. Warning: these songs should be listened to by putting the black vinyl on the record player and turn the volume all the way up !

no. 1) Steve Miller Band – Song for our ancestors
Steve Miller’s first two LP’s were psychedelic masterworks. With a very young Boz Scaggs on vocals, the very original guitar of Steve Miller himself, and probably the first time fog horns were introduced into music…

no. 2) Pink Floyd – The dark side of the moon
A Head Phone Song List without the Pink Floyd? A beautiful song about the side of the moon we have never seen before, at least, not before recently when the first photo’s emerged from the dark side of the moon.

no. 3) Quicksilver Messenger Service – Who you do you love ?
A whole side of mind blowing psychedelic music that twisted my head around. John Cipollina’s on guitar is incredible but also listen to the audience take control at 12.30 min. followed by the bass at 16.30 min… !