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After collecting rock albums, books and rock magazines for over forty years it's about time to open up the archives and put some of my favorite music on the big net. The music here is intended for review purposes only and is not a substitute for the original record company product. Please contact us directly regarding the removal of any potentially infringing material. READERS: Please use us as a buyer's guide and support the artists.

The art of improvisation (VI)

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, September 24, 2020 00:53:13

A beautiful song from a classic UK band: Traffic. It reminds me a lot of the Grateful Dead jam music. This video is from a reformed TRAFFIC (1994), unfortunately without Chris Wood. The late great Jim Capaldi wears a beautiful Grateful Dead T-shirt and Steve Winwood is in top-form.

No more idols (IX)

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, September 17, 2020 23:46:53

Who needs a music contest where they redo classic songs again and again while there are so much original singers/songs on the web? I never heard of ‘throat’ singing… But listen to this. A father and daughter playing and having fun together with original music.

Spiritual Jazz

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, August 06, 2020 23:30:20

Louis Armstrong plays to his wife, Lucille, in front of the Great Sphinx and pyramids in Giza, Egypt, 1961.
The Armstrongs were on a U.S. State Department-sponsored Goodwill Tour of Africa and the Middle East.
Photo: Associated Press

Wondering what song he’s playing for his wife? I bet it’s his version of the beautiful Pharoah Sanders song “The Creator has a Masterplan”

All my happiness is gone

Uncategorised Posted on Thu, July 23, 2020 23:29:44

A good Facebook friend (thanks CJ) got me listening to this song. At first hearing i was surprised by the intro (2 min.), by the outro, and by the pleasant bass-guitar line. I gave a ‘thumbs-up’. But the lyrics kept playing in my head and i had to listen again, again, and again. This is such an intriguing song. It has a pleasant melody but the words are haunting.

“All my happiness is gone It’s all gone somewhere beyond All my happiness is gone”.

I changed my Facebook ‘thumbs-up’ to a ‘Wonderful’ because the song has so much layers. It’s disturbing, pleasant, sad, melancholy, it’s a suicide note. Each note aches with sorrow and resolve and i kept listening over and over.

Reading the YouTube comments i found out that Dave Berman ended his life shortly after finishing this album. This beautiful album ‘Purple Mountains’ was released on July 12, 2019. Nearly five weeks after the album’s release the poet, just 52 years, was found dead at his appartment.

The words and music will always be there!

Friends are warmer than gold when you’re old
And keeping them is harder than you might suppose
Lately, I tend to make strangers wherever I go
Some of them were once people I was happy to know

Mounting mileage on the dash
Double darkness falling fast
I keep stressing, pressing on
Way deep down at some substratum
Feels like something really wrong has happened
And I confess I’m barely hanging on

All my happiness is gone
All my happiness is gone
It’s all gone somewhere beyond
All my happiness is gone

Ten thousand afternoons ago
All my happiness just overflowed
That was life at first and goal to go
Me and you, and us and them
And all those people way back when
All our hardships were just yardsticks then, you know
You know

It’s not the purple hills
It’s not the silver lakes
It’s not the snowcloud shadowed interstates
It’s not the icy bike chain rain of Portland, Oregon
Where nothing’s wrong and no one’s asking
But the fear’s so strong it leaves you gasping
No way to last out here like this for long

‘Cause everywhere I go, I know
Everywhere I go,

I know All my happiness is gone
All my happiness is gone
It’s all gone somewhere beyond
All my happiness is gone

Moondog & The London Saxophonic

Music, Uncategorised Posted on Wed, April 29, 2020 23:36:20

“The Viking of 6th Avenue”

Nummer: Arctic Ocean (Bird’s Lament)

Album: Oceans

Ooit een onderwerp op mijn muziekblog: een top 3 met minimale muziek.

Als ik toen deze song van Moondog had ontdekt dan was tie zeker vermeld. Origineel komt uit 1969. Het gaat nergens over… Een paar akkoorden en steeds hetzelfde thema. En dan 26+ minuten lang. Veel mensen worden er hoorndol van, ik kan er wel een uur lang met plezier naar luisteren. Zo’n beetje het zelfde als een hond die lekker op zijn eigen plekje ligt en daar zonder zorgen een dagdeel kan blijven liggen. Moondog forever !

Change of Season (VI)

Music, Uncategorised Posted on Sat, September 21, 2019 23:06:38

My favorite change of season; from summer to autumn. The season with the most beautiful colors.

And a song that got a grip on me and reflect the feeling of the change of season is a song by Emmett Tinley called: Don’Let Go