Ok, this time it did NOT happen in the car while driving but sitting at the desk at home. The radio was on and they played this old song because it is featured in a new TV series (Umbrella Academy?). First i was intrigued by the voice. It reminded me of Amy Winehouse and Billy Holliday but with a true own timbre. Then the simple but beautiful melody of the song got a hold on me. Nothing left to do but listen, listen, and listen… and when the song ended i had to do a search on the YouTube. The composer of the song is surprisingly from an old hippie musician i know from the records from the Flower Power era. Dino Valente. Check out another gem of him: “Gone Again” by the group Quicksliver Messenger Service. The lady singing the song, and playing the guitar is Karen Dalton. She live a short and tragic life. Joni Mitchell was inspired off Karen’s music and she was friends and played with Fred Neil and Tim Hardin. This simple song is from the early seventies so no flashy video’s, just the music and a lot of goosebumps! If anyone is wondering who playing the incredible violin part on this (at the end), its Bobby Notkoff who did a lot of studio work on the east coast in the ’70s.