The music of Robert Wyatt is always interesting, beautiful, chaotic, strange or melodic. For example: O Caroline, is just a simple love-song but heart touching because of the melody and honest lyrics.

Here’s another Robert Wyatt song, this one is from 1985. A catchy bass line but listen to the lyrics. It’s more than 50 years later and we all have become indeed consumers and the working class is as good as dead, shattered over the different  popular parties… Old rotten hat did it again !

They say the working class is dead,
we’re all consumers now
They say that we have moved ahead
we’re all just people now
There’s people doing ‘frightfully well’ there’s others on the shelf
But never mind the second kind this is the age of self
They say we need new images to help our movement grow
They say that life is broader based as if we didn’t know
While Martin J. and Robert M. play with printer’s ink
The workers ’round the world still die for Rio Tinto Zinc
And it seems to me if we forget our roots and where we stand
The movement will disintegrate like castles built on sand

Robert Wyatt “Age of Self”

From the 1985 album “Old Rottenhat”

Another independent mind wrote: You say I’m free now, that battle is over, and feminism’s over & socialism’s over. Yeah, I say I can consume what I want now“.

(Warning: some viewers may find this video offensive)