After collecting records (LP’s) for over 40 years I decided to put a big part of it for sale on the Discogs site. So far only the titles from A to D are published. I love to sell the rare items to collectors and proud that my seller’s rating is still a 100% !

And now it’s time for the next step… As I am growing older, and my kids are listening to a total different kind of music, I decided to put the core collection for sale too.

Dutch Dead Head

No easy step but the sweet memories will always be there. So here they are: beautiful and rare items of The Grateful Dead.

Records, books, clothes & memorabilia. You will find it all here
Not just products but also a Grateful Dead Blog

And this is just the beginning. More ‘core’ collection will follow: records of Robert Wyatt, Fela Kuti, Gong and John Martyn. So, please. Stay connected if you’ re interested !

Grateful Dead Collector's  Shop NL
Collector’s Shop NL