In the mailbox today: 2 Grateful Dead items. A jigsaw puzzle of the AoxomoxoA cover and the 7″ single ‘One More Saturdaynight/Bertha’. Bought on the dutch eBay called Marktplaats.

The seller also included a photo of two heroes of mine: Paul Kantner and David Freiberg (live, 2012, NL). Thanks Hans.

The complete concert can be found at the Internet Archive.

 Jefferson Starship
Live at De Lakei, Helmond (NL) on 2012-10-26

1.Somebody To Love
2.Sunrise–>Have You Seen The Saucers?
3.Let’s Get Together
4.Wooden Ships
5.Fresh Air
7.Crown Of Creation
8.Count On Me
10.Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil
11.White Rabbit