A good Facebook friend (thanks CJ) got me listening to this song. At first hearing i was surprised by the intro (2 min.), by the outro, and by the pleasant bass-guitar line. I gave a ‘thumbs-up’. But the lyrics kept playing in my head and i had to listen again, again, and again. This is such an intriguing song. It has a pleasant melody but the words are haunting.

“All my happiness is gone It’s all gone somewhere beyond All my happiness is gone”.

I changed my Facebook ‘thumbs-up’ to a ‘Wonderful’ because the song has so much layers. It’s disturbing, pleasant, sad, melancholy, it’s a suicide note. Each note aches with sorrow and resolve and i kept listening over and over.

Reading the YouTube comments i found out that Dave Berman ended his life shortly after finishing this album. This beautiful album ‘Purple Mountains’ was released on July 12, 2019. Nearly five weeks after the album’s release the poet, just 52 years, was found dead at his appartment.

The words and music will always be there!