Never thought the day would come but’s now it’s happening. Apart from the Grateful Dead, Robert Wyatt and John Martyn collection the records are for sale. More than the digitally re-mastered CD, and much more than the compressed audio file downloaded onto your portable media player, the vinyl record is a physical archive of a particular moment in time. I’ve collected LongPlay albums, Compact Discs, 7 and 12″ singles and books for a long period and was planning to categorise and label the records at the time I would get my pension and would have more spare time. But that’s just too long away and i’ve decided to start the sale now. This means the database isn’t up-to-date and it will take a little time to find and label the item you want… But, hey, you can allways give it a try and mail me if you want an item from the lists below.

Long Play albums (LP’s)
Compact Discs (CD’s)
7″ singles
12″ singles

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