Now that we have redecorated our living room it was time to get rid of the Ikea rose and ask a good friend of ours if he would make a painting inspired by the song “Coming back to life” of Pink Floyd (David Gilmour) or by “Dark Star” of the Grateful Dead. (click the painting for the music mix).

We are thrilled by the result. I think the colors and the theme of the painting represent most the song of Pink Floyd: dark, moody and mysterious but with a very present positive force which lead to new chances. Coming back to life. A new life.
It could be that the lyrics are written from a point of view of Syd Barret’s, but that’s just a guess. It’s a song about betrayal, but even more about second chances, new opportunities. The music is very uplifting and the guitarsolo’s are just incredible.
The combination of colors do reflect the mood of the psychedelic Dark Star, a 30 minute long improvisation by legendary american hippie band The Grateful Dead. The music of Dark Star is an exploration into deep space and a prime example of musicians jamming and improvising together and creating mind-expanding art…

about the painter Willem Grift

-Born in Scarborough (Canada) in 1958 and moved to Holland at a young age. Since then living in Barneveld (Holland). What started as a hobby has turned into a true passion! My works are quite different, sometimes classic abstract then again colorful and full of movement. I’m inspired by everyday things such as: politics, holidays, hectic of today’s society but also by music! I have had no education, i am self-taught. Nowadays my works are brightly colored and full of movement.